Recruitability and PEEP - in a safe and simple way.

P/V Tool: an automatic maneuver to monitor patient lung compliance and to optimize ventilator settings


P/V Tool is a unique monitoring feature designed by HAMILTON MEDICAL.


With P/V Tool, the current lung compliance (volume over pressure) curve of a ventilated patient is measured individually and automatically over a preset pressure range. The obtained data are automatically or manually analyzed for optimal PEEP and inspiratory pressure for that patient. It is particularly useful for the ARDS or ALI patients as correct setting of PEEP and inspiratory pressure may be rather difficult in this population. P/V Tool can also be used for lung recruitment maneuvers.


It is easy and convenient to use P/V Tool at the bedside if it is integrated in a HAMILTON MEDICAL ventilator. Currently, the feature is available in HAMILTON-G5, HAMILTON-S1 and GALILEO ventilators.


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PV Tool brochure

Recruitability and PEEP - in a safe and simple way. 689202.02 english

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Using P/V Tool for patients with early stage ARDS

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