A complete ventilation solution

  • Advanced ventilation modes, including ASV® and NIV mode
  • Protective Ventilation P/V Tool for lung assessment and recruitment
  • Extensive monitoring package with 26 parameters
  • Ventilation of adults, pediatrics, and neonates

The GALILEO ventilator offers a full spectrum of capabilities, including invasive to noninvasive and advanced ventilation modes, plus tube resistance compensation. Intelligent features such as Adaptive Support Ventilation (ASV) and P/V Tool help you determine appropriate ventilator settings, based on the patient’s respiratory mechanics. The GALILEO’s DuoPAP and APRV modes encourage spontaneous breathing, even in the most acute phases of the disease process.

Intelligent Ventilation built in

Improved patient safety and comfort

Ease of use

Increased efficiency

Improved patient safety and comfort

Hamilton Medical's intelligent ventilation mode ASV automatically employs lung-protective strategies to minimize complications such as AutoPEEP and volutrauma/barotrauma. Within the rules of this lung-protective strategy, ASV encourages the patient to breathe spontaneously.

According to several studies, ASV reduces ventilation time in post-cardiac surgery patients, medical patients, and COPD patients. In active patients, ASV decreases work of breathing and improves patient-ventilator synchrony. 

Ease of use

In close cooperation with users and ventilation experts, our engineers have designed a user interface that is particularly intuitive. Switching between the {$} and all other Hamilton Medical ventilators is easy because they are operated according to the same principles.

Increased efficiency

Hamilton Medical ventilators and ASV can reduce ventilation time and thus treatment costs.  They can also reduce the time needed for standard settings and alarm management while maintaining ventilation quality. This frees up time for other aspects of patient care.
Thanks to the ease of operation, consistent operating concepts and free e-learning modules from Hamilton Medical, the efficiency of training is also improved.

Hamilton Medical e-learning

Hamilton Medical provides open and free e-learning related to mechanical ventilation and ventilators.

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GALILEO brochure

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Technical specifications

GALILEO technical specifications

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ASV bibliography

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