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Dr. Adrian Wäckerlin

Head of ICU

Grisons Cantonal Hospital, Chur, Switzerland

Their ventilators help us to increase our efficiency by fulfilling three criteria: They are safe, that is, they do not pose a risk to the patient; they are effective, meaning that the ventilation therapy is beneficial to the patient; and they are economical, as ventilation therapy can be terminated very quickly.

Dr. Jean-Michel Arnal

Senior Intensivist

Intercommunal Hospital, Var Departement, Toulon, France

INTELLiVENT-ASV is a complex mode with very advanced technology inside, but for the user it is very simple to handle.

Ken Hargett

Director Respiratory Care

The Methodist Hospital, Houston (TX), USA

ASV adapts to the patient's needs by continuously adjusting the pressure needed while maintaining a safe ventilation range. It provides all levels of ventilation regardless what the patient’s needs are.

Dr. Shaikh A. Hai

FACS, Chief of Surgical Critical Care

The Methodist Hospital, Houston (TX), USA

I think the HAMILTON-G5 is a unique machine and it is almost revolutionizing the way we as critical care physicians take care of our patients.

Robert Lopez

Director of Respiratory Care

University Medical Center, Lubbock (TX), USA

We are very satisfied with the HAMILTON-C3. They have turned into the best ventilators that we have here in the hospital. The physicians love them. The staff loves them and, more importantly, we are able to provide good quality care for our little patients.

Dr. Bernd Schucher

Senior Physician Pneumology

LungenClinic, Grosshansdorf, Germany

We like to use the HAMILTON-C1 for our noninvasively ventilated patients. The turbine provides a very high flow and the leak compensation works exceptionally well.

Thomas Burren

Chief Nurse Rega Jet

Rega Swiss Air Rescue, Zurich, Switzerland

The HAMILTON-T1 transport ventilator is very small and compact, but still has all the features of a conventional ICU ventilator.

Thomas Berlin

Director of Respiratory Care

Florida Hospital, Orlando (FL), USA

You can take the patient on the HAMILTON-MR1 from the ICU down to the magnetic resident imaging suite for an MR study and not have to change a thing about the mechanical ventilation. And that is a true advantage because you are not risking lung de-recruitment and a patient setback, which would keep the patient in the hospital longer and make it more uncomfortable for them.

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