The latest additions to our NIV mask portfolio


We have just extended our portfolio of NIV interfaces with new masks for adult and pediatric patients from Pulmodyne!

The BiTrac NIV masks from Pulmodyne are designed to provide easy fitting and comfort for the patients.

Adult BiTrac NIV masks are available in two different configurations: oronasal (in sizes S, M, L, and XL) or MaxShield (in sizes S, L, and XL).

The oronasal masks are soft, with an ergonomically shaped face seal and a forehead cushion.

With their larger perimeter, the BiTrac MaxShield masks simplify the fitting process and help prevent pressure ulcers.

The pediatric BiTrac NIV masks are suitable for patients over 1 year of age and weighing > 7kg. They offer a full-perimeter fit with bonnet-style headgear and a soft seal to promote comfort for the smaller patients.

From left to right: Adult BiTrac oronasal and MaxShield masks; pediatric BiTrac MaxShield mask

Learn more about the BiTrac NIV mask portfolio.

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Date of Printing: 27.10.2021
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