HAMILTON-T1 donation reaches Ukraine


The NGO Slava Ukraini recently succeeded in delivering a ventilator donation to a perinatal center in Ukraine.

The Estonian NGO, Slava Ukraini joined forces with our Finnish partner, Medidyne, to deliver the HAMILTON-T1 ventilator with neonatal option to the Chernivtsi Regional Perinatal Center in Ukraine. Overcoming huge transportation and logistic challenges, Medidyne helped coordinate a helicopter delivery from Finland, and Slava Ukraini then carried it on to Ukraine. Denis Kolyubyakin, the head of the neonatal resuscitation department, was "speechless with joy and gratitude” as he held this special delivery in his arms for the first time. Written on the box? “This is the Hamilton!!!” Our thanks and admiration go to everyone involved for their tireless efforts in support of Ukraine.

Date of Printing: 16.05.2022
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