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Take a front-row seat to hear live interviews with clinical experts! You can expand or refresh your knowledge on various aspects of respiratory support and get valuable tips for your daily practice.

What is Experts On Air?

  • A series of live Zoom events on different aspects of a central topic
  • Events are between 30 and 60 minutes in duration
  • Each event features a presentation by the speaker together with questions from the interviewer

How can I participate?

  • Anyone can join but registration is necessary
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  • You can ask the experts any questions directly during the webinar

Esophageal pressure measurement: A pragmatic approach

In this second series of Experts On Air, two international experts shared their tips and tricks for using esophageal pressure (Pes) measurement in your daily practice. From inserting the catheter right through to using Pes measurements to guide ventilator settings, the experts explained what you need to know and answered your questions.

Part 1: June 16, 2022; 17:00 CET - COMPLETED
Esophageal pressure: How I manage the catheter and measurements
Speaker: Francesco Mojoli; Interviewer: Tommaso Mauri

Topcs covered::

  • The choice of catheter
  • Inserting and positioning the catheter
  • Filling the balloon
  • The validation test
  • Signal noise and artefacts
  • Calibrating esophageal pressure

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Part 2: June 23, 2022; 17:00 CET - COMPLETED
Esophageal pressure: How I use the measurements to individualize ventilation
Speaker: Francesco Mojoli; Interviewer: Tommaso Mauri

Topics covered:

  • The right patient for a Pes-guided approach
  • Advanced Pes-aided respiratory monitoring
  • Pes-guided PEEP setting
  • Pes-guided setting of tidal volume and driving pressure
  • Pes-guided setting of pressure support

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​​​​​​​Answers to questions not addressed during the webinar are coming soon!

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