Nuflow® nasal cannulas for HFOT in neonates


We have recently expanded our product range with Nuflow single-use nasal cannulas* for high flow oxygen therapy in neonates.

The cannulas are available in four different sizes and include one adapter (OD 15 mm) and one pair of fixation patches. These are either small or large, depending on the size of the cannula set, and can also be ordered separately. The high flow cannulas are compatible with the HAMILTON-H900 breathing circuit set for neonates and other neonatal breathing sets, and can be used for high flow oxygen therapy with all our ventilators offering that option.

They are available for immediate order and approved for use in CE markets.


Description PN Quantity Patch size
Nuflow nasal cannula set, small 10072354 Box of 10 Small
Nuflow nasal cannula set, medium 10072355 Box of 10 Small
Nuflow nasal cannula set, large  10072356 Box of 10 Large
Nuflow nasal cannula set, xlarge 10072357 Box of 10 Large


Description PN Quantity
Nuflow fixation patch, small 10072358  Box of 10
Nuflow fixation patch, large 10072359 Box of 10


Nuflow nasal cannulas


* Not available in all markets

Date of Printing: 11.12.2019
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