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 About us

Responsibility for the future. Sustainability is the key

Hamilton Medical AG Building Domat/Ems with solar pannels Hamilton Medical AG Building Domat/Ems with solar pannels

Built to last. Establishing long-term relationships

Sustainability is not just about buildings and materials, it is also about relationships. Whether it's with our employees and customers, our partners and suppliers, or the environment and society, long-term relationships play a key role.

We have set new industry standards. And will continue to do so

We want to help our fellow humans - with ventilation technologies that are safe, effective, and lung-protective. And to lessen the load for those who make extraordinary efforts every day, helping seriously ill patients fight their way back to health.

That’s why we are committed to helping medical teams deliver the best respiratory care – to anyone, anywhere. Ever since we were founded in 1983, our focus has been on supporting the frontline heroes of critical care.

That commitment is present in everything we do.

Hamilton Medical AG Bonaduz electricity refueling stations for electric cars

Driving innovation. E-mobility at our Swiss location

To promote the use of zero-emission cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles, we set up several charging stations for employees and visitors.

Our management leads by example: Over 50% of Hamilton Medical’s executive team drives either a fully electric car or a plug-in hybrid.

Hamilton Medical AG Bonaduz Green Sense cantine salad buffets

Healthy eating. Our green Swiss canteen

Employees are a company's most valuable asset and good health is the individual's. We place great importance on healthy nutrition with the emphasis on local produce, and seasonal fruit and vegetables. Vegetarian and vegan meals have been standard on our menu for a long time. Of course we still cater to meat-lovers, but with meat sourced exclusively from local farmers.

The ecological aspect also plays an important role: Food waste is converted into biogas and we have reduced the use of plastic to a minimum, for example by switching from PET bottles to tap water. Paper cups for hot drinks are also history. Everyone has their own flask and mug provided by the company.

Respiratory care. For anyone, anywhere

We are committed to helping medical teams deliver the best respiratory care - for anyone, anywhere. That is why we support a range of projects in different countries around the world.

India ICU with HAMILTON-C1 ventilators

10-bed ICUs. Intensive care for the rural districts of India

We have partnered with an NGO that set itself the goal of setting up a 10-bed ICU in every one of India's 300 rural districts.

Hamilton Medical is the exclusive supplier of ventilators for this project and are supporting it with several hundred ventilators on a not-for-profit base.

Malawi training nurses

Assisting the medics. Ventilation training for Malawi

As the world’s third-poorest country, Malawi’s health sector is massively underfinanced. Even the simplest medical treatment or routine surgery presents a real challenge.

That is why we decided to support Lydia and Bernhard Widmann. Together with their three children, the two healthcare professionals emigrated to Malawi in April 2022 to support local staff with their knowledge and expertise.

Hamilton Medical Inc. Reno; roof with photovoltaic system

Powered by the sun. Our photovoltaic systems

At our Swiss site, we are meeting some of our energy needs with photovoltaic systems. In 2022, we were able to produce 428,000 kWh of clean electricity for our own use. In addition, we draw heat from groundwater to heat and cool our premises, and avoid air conditioning wherever possible.

At our offices in Reno, Nevada, much of the energy consumed there is supplied by the extensive, company-owned system of solar panels on the building's roof, which produced 150,000 kWh in 2022. Our new building (summer 2023), is equiped with LED lighting, energy compliant exterior walls and roof, and efficent plumbing fixtures and drinking water system to reduce our water consumption.

Flow sensor circuit before and after sustainability changes in the packaging

12 tons less. Plastic per year

In the past, tubing for our flow sensors was delivered wound on plastic drums. These drums are single use and cannot be repurposed. Within just one year, more than 10,000 of them accumulated as waste for disposal. Together with our supplier Raumedic in Germany, we were able to find a solution that enables the tubing to be rolled up without the help of a drum.

The result is not only a massive reduction in transport volumes and potential CO2 emissions, but also a 12-ton reduction in plastic waste each year.

Packing material Airplus

10 m3 less. Polystyrene per year

To protect our products from damage during transport, we previously used polystyrene chips as packaging material. Polystyrene is very difficult to almost impossible to recycle, and is not biodegradable. This made it something we needed to eliminate as soon as possible from our production process.

We replaced the polystyrene chips with Airplus® air pillows from Storopack, which can be recycled according to DIN Certco EN 13432.

The result is 10 m3 less of polystyrene waste per year.

UN overview sustainable development goals

Our commitment. To the well-being of all people

As a globally active company, we are committed to the United Nations' 2030 Agenda and support the sustainable development goals (SDGs) with our sustainability program. We actively support a selection of SDGs in line with our focus, namely all those where we can make a significant contribution to their success through our work.

A special goal for us is SDG3, which aims to ensure healthy lives and promote the well-being of all people and all ages - going directly to the heart of our business.