nCPAP interfaces for neonates

  • High patient comfort due to soft materials and low noise levels
  • Flexible connection and adjustable adapter promote a comfortable fit
  • Various sizes of masks, prongs and bonnets

nCPAP (nasal continuous positive airway pressure)

All Hamilton Medical ventilators offer nCPAP modes. You only need to set the desired CPAP pressure and the flow is adjusted automatically based on patient conditions and potential leaks. This prevents unintended peak pressures, guarantees highly efficient leak compensation, and helps to reduce oxygen consumption.

nCPAP generator

The nCPAP generator is designed to offer maximum comfort for neonates receiving nCPAP or noninvasive ventilation therapy. The system features a flexible connection and adapter with an adjustable angle for an optimal fit. Soft materials and low noise levels promote the gentlest possible care for neonatal patients.

nCPAP interface - Instructions for use

This short video demonstrates the correct use of the Hamilton Medical nCPAP interface for neonates.


Prongs, masks and bonnets

Prongs, masks and soft bonnets are all available in different sizes to provide an optimal fit. The bonnets are color-coded according to size. The nasal prongs and masks are made of silicone, single-packed and available in kits.

Every consumable is vital

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Important note

Depending on your country, some features may be available as options, may have different specifications than described on this website, or may not be available. Contact your Hamilton Medical representative for details.