New software with IntelliSync+ for HAMILTON-G5/S1


The latest software version 2.80 for the HAMILTON-G5/S1 brings you a host of new features, as well as improvements to existing functionalities.

A major advancement is the availability of the IntelliSync+ option*. The IntelliSync+ technology mimics the expert‘s eye by continuously analyzing waveform shapes at least hundred times per second. This allows IntelliSync+ to detect patient efforts immediately, and to initiate inspiration and expiration in real-time.

For maximum flexibility, IntelliSync+ can be activated to automate either the inspiratory trigger or the expiratory trigger, or both.

Other new features* in software v2.80 include:

  • Driving pressure as a monitoring and trend parameter
  • Adjustable volume limitation in volume-support and APV modes (neonatal patient group only)
  • Improvements to ASV and APV modes, whereby changes in compliance and/or resistance lead to a faster adaptation of the Vtarget
  • Variable adjustment of the oxygen concentration for O2 enrichment for all patient groups
Driving pressure as monitoring parameter
Variable adjustment for O2 enrichment 








* Not all features are available in all markets.


Date of Printing: 06.07.2020
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