Download our new HAMILTON-C6 simulation software!


With our new, two-part simulation software for the HAMILTON-C6*, you can adjust the ventilator settings and see the effect on the patient model.

The simulation software features:  

  • A fully simulated ventilator graphical user interface (GUI) with all control and alarm settings and most ventilation modes 
  • Real-time monitoring values, curves, and visualization for all relevant parameters
  • A physiological patient model including various adjustable patient conditions: normal, COPD, and ARDS
  • Monitoring parameters for the patient’s oxygenation and ventilation, including a simulated BGA

The graphical user interface (GUI) mimics the operation of the HAMILTON-C6. If you run the simulation on a device with a touch screen, operation will be very similar to operating the real device. 

To run the software on your computer, use the links below.

Windows installer

macOSX application

With the new iOS app, you can also enjoy the convenience of using the HAMILTON-C6 simulation software on your iPad! Simply download the iOS app free of charge from the Apple app store. 

Download app to your iPad


* Now available in all CE-markets. Not yet available in the US.

Date of Printing: 28.09.2022
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