SpO2 monitoring

  • Connects to the ventilator (separate device)
  • Assessment of patient’s physiology 
  • Additional monitoring for pulse rate

The integration of SpO2 pulse oximetry enhances the ventilation support options for Hamilton Medical ventilators (not available for HAMILTON-C2/MR1) and is an important parameter for closed-loop ventilation with INTELLiVENT®-ASV®. It helps to improve the patient safety using continuous noninvasive monitoring of the hemodynamic status and supports the prevention of nuisance alarms as well as recudes the workload for the staff.

SpO2 sensors, from either Masimo§ or Nihon Kohden§, provide accurate SpO2 values even under challenging conditions, including patient motion, patient transport, and low perfusion.

Whether as fold-over-style sensors, finger probe or speciality sensors, we offer you broad range of sensors from Nihon Kohden and Masimo for each patient group.

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