• Peripheral devices

    • HAMILTON-H900

      • Integrated temperature probe
      • Wall-heated, all-in-one breathing circuits
      • Adjustable temperature and humidity settings
      • Remote control from any compatible ventilator
      • Pre-assembled and ready for use
      HAMILTON-H900 humidifier
    • IntelliCuff®

      • Automatic maintenance of set cuff pressure
      • Easy and intuitive operation
      • For critical care, interhospital transport, and anesthesia
      IntelliCuff pressure controller
    • VENTILAIR® II compressor

      A reliable and powerful source of compressed air

      • Reliable, durable Swiss design
      • Delivers dry, clean medical-grade compressed air
      • Optimal cost-performance ratio
      • Clear indication of compressor working status
      VENTILAIR II compressor