• Integrated temperature probe
  • Wall-heated, all-in-one breathing circuit sets
  • Adjustable temperature and humidity settings
  • Remote access to humidifier controls and status*
  • Predefined settings for invasive, noninvasive and high flow therapy
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The HAMILTON-H900 humidifier has been developed with focus on ease of use and patient safety allowing you to focus on the important aspects of patient care. An innovative two-step setup helps you get started quickly. All connections for the humidifier are contained in a single breathing circuit set, which enables one-handed operation.

The HAMILTON-H900 can be used with all common mechanical ventilators and flow drivers. Due to the ergonomic design, the user interface is easily visible and provides all the necessary information at a glance.

Various therapies for all patients

The HAMILTON-H900 is designed to provide humidification and heating of medical gases for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients – with all commonly used respiratory therapies:

• Invasive ventilation
• Noninvasive ventilation
• High flow oxygen therapy
• nCPAP and Bubble CPAP


What customers say about the HAMILTON-H900 humidifier

Sandra Rupp

Head of ICU Nursing Departement

Grisons Cantonal Hospital, Chur, Switzerland

What’s great about the HAMILTON-H900 is that it is much easier to control condensation. I can choose the temperature in the tubes and adjust the setting manually on the device.

Less risk of cross contamination

By reducing the need to open the circuit to drain condensate, the HAMILTON-H900 minimizes the potential for the spread of pathogens associated with the development of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP).1,2

Breathing circuit sets for patients over 10 kg

The preassembled breathing circuit sets can be used for up to 28 days for pediatric and adult patients over 10 kg, and include an integrated temperature probe, water refill tube, Y-piece, and water chamber with automatic refill meachanism.

Heated dual and single limb sets are available as single-use or autoclavable items.

Breathing circuit set for neonates and pediatrics up to 15 kg

The preassembled breathing circuit sets for neonatal and pediatic patients are specially designed for even your smallest patients up to 15 kg.

They can be used for up to 28 days per patient and include an integrated temperature probe, water refill tube, Y-piece, and water chamber. The detachable, unheated extension allows for use in incubators. 

Heated dual and single limb sets are available as single-use or autoclavable items.

Reduced cost of ownership

Over the lifetime of a humidifier, the initial investments are relatively small. Cost-driving factors include circuits, cables, temperature probes, and time and effort for cleaning and reprocessing. With the HAMILTON-H900, expensive replacements for lost or broken temperature probes and cables are a thing of the past.

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HAMILTON-H900 brochure

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Technical specifications

HAMILTON-H900 technical specifications

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Depending on your country, some features may be available as options, may have different specifications than described on this website, or may not be available. Contact your Hamilton Medical representative for details.


1 Alp, Emine, and Andreas Voss. “Ventilator Associated Pneumonia and Infection Control.” Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials 5 (2006): 7. PMC.

2 Craven DE, Goularte TA, Make BJ. "Contaminated condensate in mechanical ventilator circuits. A risk factor for nosocomial pneumonia?" AmRevRespirDis. 1984 Apr; 129(4) 625-628. PMID: 6585160.