Sensors and monitoring

Sensors play an extremely important role in ensuring the therapy can be adjusted to meet the individual needs of each patient. 

The flow sensor measures the actual flow, pressure and volume proximal to the patient, thereby eliminating any disturbances between the ventilator and the flow sensor itself. In combination with the CO2 mainstream sensor, the flow sensor can be used for volumetric capnography to obtain a wide range of additional parameters for assessing the patient’s respiratory function. The oxygen sensors are important for ensuring the ventilator can deliver the correct mixture of air and oxygen.

  • Sensors and monitoring

    • Flow sensors

      • Direct flow and pressure measurement proximal to the patient
      • Specially developed and approved for use with Hamilton Medical ventilators
      • Reduced risk of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) due to single patient use
      Flow sensors
    • Oxygen monitoring

      • Reliable monitoring
      • For all patient groups
      Oxygen monitoring
    • CO2 monitoring

      • Noninvasive and easy to do
      • Reliable monitoring - mainstream and sidestream
      • Helps improving  the ventilation quality and efficiency for your patients
      CO2 monitoring
    • SpO2 monitoring

      • Connects to the ventilator (separate device)
      • Assessment of patient’s physiology 
      • Additional monitoring for pulse rate
      SpO2 monitoring

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