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Airway filters. Keeping it safe

Airway filters Airway filters

Device-side. Inspiratory and expiratory filters

A filter on the inspiratory port helps protect all patient groups and your Hamilton Medical ventilator against contamination from bacteria, viruses, and particles. 

A filter on the expiratory port will protect the surroundings against potentially contaminated air exhaled by the patients.

Hydrophobic airway filters

Hydrophobic filters

  • Pleated membrane for a larger filtering surface
  • Low resistance to airflow
  • 100% liquid and aerosol tight under ventilation pressure
Filters with electrostatic membrane

Filters with electrostatic membrane

Electrically charged for enhanced filtration performance of bacteria, viruses, and particles in dry air

Installing filters on our ventilators

Our portfolio of device-side filters

Our portfolio of patient-side filters

Patient-side. Heat and moisture exchanger/filter

There are three types of heat and moisture exchangers:

  1. Hygroscopic HME (humidification only)
  2. Hygroscopic HMEF with electrostatic membrane (humidification plus filtration)
  3. Hydrophobic HMEF with pleated membrane (humidification plus filtration)