Pulse oximetry

SpO2 measurement

  • Noninvasive SpO2 measurement integrated into the ventilator’s monitoring display
  • Comprehensive portfolio of SpO2 sensors
  • Accurate monitoring of arterial oxygen saturation and pulse rate, even during challenging conditions such as motion and low perfusion1

Parameter overview by oximeter brand

See the chart below for options and measurements available with each oximeter.

The upgradable Masimo rainbow SET technology platform offers a range of optional parameters (PVi, SpMet, SpHb, SpCO, SpOC)2.

Measurements / Options Nihon Kohden Masimo SET Masimo rainbow SET
SpO2 (oxygen saturation) x x x
Pulse rate x x x
Pleth waveform x x x
Alarm delay x x x
Pi (perfusion index)   x x
PVi (pleth variability index)   x x
SpCO (carboxyhemoglobin)     x
SpMet (methemoglobin)     x
SpHb (total hemoglobin)     x
SpOC (oxygen content)     x


PVi (pleth variability index)

  • May be used as a dynamic indicator of fluid responsiveness in select populations of intubated and mechanically ventilated patients

SpCO (carboxyhemoglobin)

  • Provides continuous and noninvasive measurement of the carbon monoxide levels in arterial blood

SpMet (methemoglobin)

  • Enables clinicians to noninvasively and continuously monitor levels of methemoglobin in the blood

SpHb (total hemoglobin)

  • Provides real-time visibility of changes, or lack of changes, in hemoglobin between invasive blood samples
  • Hemoglobin is directly related to the oxygen-carrying capacity, which is of interest to intensivists and respiratory therapists managing the ventilator settings

SpOC (oxygen content)

  • Provides noninvasive measurement of the oxygen content

Reliable and accurate SpO2 measurement for closed-loop technology

The integration of pulse oximetry in Hamilton Medical ventilators  (not available for HAMILTON-C2/MR1) allows you to see all the parameters in one location and facilitates the automatic titration of oxygenation. SpO2 sensors from Masimo provide reliable measurement even during challenging conditions such as motion and low perfusion. With Masimo rainbow SET technology, you have the option of measuring multiple additional parameters.

Greater ease of use

The sensor data is integrated directly into the ventilator’s monitoring display, and can be visualized in trend graphics. The data is also subject to all the relevant alarms that are controlled at the ventilator. 

The Masimo sensor adapter can be easily mounted on all standard rails and includes storage for CAPNOSTAT® CO2 sensors. The adapter is also equipped with a dedicated cable-holder.