Heliox therapy with the HAMILTON-G5/S1


Author: Clinical Experts Group, Hamilton Medical

Date of first publication: 15.02.2019

Heliox, a mixture of helium and oxygen, may be indicated for patients in cases of acute and life-threatening upper airway obstruction.
Heliox therapy with the HAMILTON-G5/S1

How does Heliox help?

This action is taken as a temporary measure to provide a decrease in the patient’s work of breathing while the cause of the obstruction is treated. Administering heliox can make it easier to ventilate, because its lower density can allow a patient to produce inspiratory and expiratory flows with less turbulence.

How to use Heliox on HAMILTON-G5/S1 ventilators

The Heliox option available with the HAMILTON-G5/S1 ventilator (Not all ventilators available in all marketsA​) can be activated in just a few quick steps, allowing you to administer heliox and treat the cause of the obstruction.

The video available below provides you with instructions on how to change the gas source and activate the Heliox option, including putting the device into standby mode first and calibrating the flow sensor after each change. 





  • A. Not all ventilators available in all markets


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Heliox therapy with HAMILTON-G5