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Free e-book on esophageal pressure measurement. With 13 expert tips

Get the free e-book. For in‑depth knowledge about esophageal pressure measurement

If you are looking for in‑depth knowledge about esophageal pressure measurement and transpulmonary pressure monitoring, the e‑book "13 Expert Tips About Esophageal Pressure Measurement" is the perfect resource for you.

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The e-book. What to do when you are using esophageal pressure measurement in ARDS patients

Our e-book contains tips and tricks from experts in the field, including information on esophageal balloon catheter placement, optimal balloon filling volumes, and techniques to assess lung recruitability using a transpulmonary low-flow pressure/volume curve (P/V curve).

One of the key topics covered in our e-book is how to use an esophageal catheter in severely hypoxemic ARDS patients. In addition, proper placement of the balloon is essential to obtain accurate measurements, and our e-book includes tips on how to position the balloon correctly.

Additionally, we cover how to perform an occlusion test to check if the balloon is correctly positioned and filled to the optimal volume.

Other tips include:

  • Use a recruitment maneuver to reach the upper limit of transpulmonary pressure

  • Set PEEP to result in positive end-expiratory transpulmonary pressure

  • Avoid negative end-expiratory transpulmonary pressure

  • When NOT to use esophageal pressure measurement and when to use with caution

  • Measure transpulmonary driving pressure with end-inspiratory and end-expiratory occlusions

  • Keep tidal transpulmonary pressure variations under 10 cmH2O

  • Use the same device for airway and esophageal pressure monitoring

  • Minimize ventilator-induced lung injury with venovenous ECMO

By downloading the e-book you will gain valuable insights and tips from experts in mechanical ventilation and  esophageal pressure measurement.

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