NIV masks

  • Comfortable positioning due to automatic adjustment of the forehead cushion
  • Interchangeable elbows for a range of clinical applications
  • Color-coded cord for quick release in emergencies 

Easy to use and comfortable to wear

Hamilton Medical full face masks offer an optimal fit, while minimizing leakage and pressure points. The soft, ergo­nomically shaped face seal and forehead cushion make the mask particularly comfortable to wear, with the cushion specially designed to provide more stable positioning. The modified retaining ring allows easy connection and disconnection of the adapter. 

The full face masks are intended for spontaneously breathing patients requiring respiratory support by noninva­sive ventilation (NIV). The product portfolio includes a range of masks in three sizes (S, M, L): single use, reusable, vented, and nonvented with or without an anti-asphyxia valve. 

Single-use masks

There are fitting templates included in every manual, which make size selection easy. The headgear is designed for pressures up to 50 hPa, and automatic adjustment of the forehead cushion ensures comfortable positioning. We offer interchangeable elbow adapters for a wide range of clinical applications, vented, nonvented with or without an emergency outlet, and an endoscopy adapter. The masks are equipped with a red color-coded cord for quick release in case of emergencies.

Reusable masks

The flat, low mask cushion and stable headgear offer a comfortable fit and high pressure stability. The mask mold is pressure resistant up to 40 hPa. Ergonomically designed clips allow easy disengaging of the headgear, while the ball-and-socket joint enables high patient mobility. There is a port on the adapters for measuring therapy pressure or supplying oxygen, and masks are equipped with a color-coded cord for quick release in case of emergencies.

Vented adapter for single limb breathing circuits

The adapters consist of a transparent retaining ring and elbow, and have an integrated expiration system. The special shape of the retaining ring and mask body creates a gap where the expired air can escape. Suitable for ventilators with single limb breathing circuits with leakage tubes.

Non-vented adapter for dual limb breathing circuits

With anti-asphyxia valve – The adapters consist of a blue retaining ring and transparent elbow with outlet. If the therapy device fails, the anti-asphyxia valve opens so the patient can breathe ambient air.

Without anti-asphyxia valve – The adapter consists of a blue retaining ring and blue elbow. As this adapter does not have its own expiration system, it is only for use with therapy devices with an active expiration valve and appropriate alarms.

Endoscopy adapter

The endoscopy adapter consists of a non-vented retaining ring and an elbow with a reclosable opening, thus allowing endoscopy to be performed during continuous ventilation.


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NIV masks

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NIV masks

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