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The best job in the world. The everyday life of paramedics

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Saving lives

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Date of first publication: 31.05.2023

Paramedics are faced with long workdays, shift work, challenging rescues, and heart-wrenching experiences on a daily basis. Yet, many of them believe that it's the best job in the world.


From Fläsch to Rhäzüns. The Service Area of Rettung Chur

Rettung Chur is the biggest emergency service in the canton of Graubünden. The team responds to up to 26 emergencies daily, totaling 4,884 in 2022. Most of these calls occur during the winter months of December and March, when more tourists are in the area.

During the day, three teams are on duty, and two teams work at night. Each team consists of at least two staff members. A total of 40 paramedics work for Rettung Chur, with up to six of them in training.

Rettung chur

Routine and variety. No two days are the same

The day of a paramedic starts early, with a brief meeting, where the previous night's emergency calls and upcoming tasks for the day are discussed. This is followed by routine tasks such as equipment checks and vehicle cleaning. Then, they wait for the next call, which can come at any time.

The unpredictability of the job is what makes it so exciting, and no two days are the same. Annina, an experienced paramedic, describes the feeling before each shift as a "tingling" sensation, never knowing what to expect.

Rettung Chur

Laughing and crying together. True teamwork

Teamwork is crucial for paramedics, as they always work in pairs. In emergency situations, they need to make quick decisions and act on them, leaving no time for debate. Therefore debriefings after each mission are vital.

Paramedics are regularly confronted with tragic events and loss can take a toll on a paramedic's mental health. This is why it is so important for them to be able to discuss their experiences and share their emotions with their team. Laughing and crying together is part of true teamwork.

Annina Armin

Hero voices

In our job, no two days are alike, and that's what truly drives me. The constant uncertainty of what awaits keeps me motivated, ready to face any challenge that comes my way.


Paramedic since 2016
Chur, Switzerland

Hero voice

It really is the best job in the world, and I absolutely love doing it. Emergencies don't happen to people every day. So, when someone finds themselves in that situation, it feels incredibly rewarding to be the person who can step in and provide help.


Paramedic since 2009
Chur, Switzerland

Rettung chur

Great knowledge. Always up to date

Paramedics require extensive medical knowledge and must be proficient in using medical equipment. They must stay up-to-date with the latest developments, and participate in online and in-person training, such as at the simulation center (GRIPS) at the Fontanaspital of the Kantonsspital Graubünden.

Last year, on average, each employee completed 102 hours of further training. The feeling of being able to help someone in need, and possibly even saving a life, is indescribable.

Rettung chur

Downsides Witnessing accidents

Witnessing terrible accidents and tragic events can be challenging for paramedics, as they care for patients who are on the brink of death or severely injured. Although they do their best, they cannot always save everyone, and this can take a toll on their mental health.

For all these reasons, paramedics deserve our highest appreciation and recognition. They provide an essential service to society every day, making them true heroes.

Paramedics Rettung Chur

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