A transport ventilator with the features of an ICU ventilator.

The HAMILTON-T1 transport ventilator is very small and compact, but still has all the features of a conventional ICU ventilator.

Thomas Burren
Chief Nurse Rega Jet
Rega Swiss Air Rescue, Zurich, Switzerland

Rega Swiss Air Rescue, Zurich, Switzerland
Rega is a private, non-profit air rescue service that provides emergency medical assistance in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and all around the world. The head office is located at Zurich-Kloten airport. 3 Challenger ambulance-jets are used for repatriations of seriously ill patients in the “flying intensive-care unit” from abroad, transfer of newborn babies in a transportable incubator as well as for transport of helpers and rescue dogs to disaster areas.


Key facts

  • Founded in: 1952
  • Number of employees: 347
  • Fleet: 17 helicopters, 3 ambulance jets
  • Number of helicopter bases: 13
  • Hamilton Medical vents in use: 3 HAMILTON-T1 (in the ambulance-jets)
  • Patient groups: adult, pediatric, neonatal