HAMILTON-C1 for noninvasively ventilated patients.

We like to use the HAMILTON-C1 for our noninvasively ventilated patients. The turbine provides a very high flow and the leak compensation works exceptionally well.

Dr. Bernd Schucher
Senior Physician Pneumology
LungenClinic, Grosshansdorf, Germany

LungenClinic, Grosshansdorf, Germany
LungenClinic Grosshansdorf is a pulmonary clinic of worldwide recognition specializing in all types of lung and respiratory tract disorders. The team provides around 12,000 inpatient and outpatient treatments every year with focus on pneumonology, cancer treatment, thoracic surgery, and critical care in the post-operative ICU.


Key facts

  • Total number of beds:
  • Number of ICU beds: 19
  • ICU staff number: 19
  • Hamilton Medical ventilators in use: 11 HAMILTON-C1
  • Patient groups: adults