Hamilton Medical's ventilators help us increase our efficiency.

Their ventilators help us to increase our efficiency by fulfilling three criteria: They are safe, that is, they do not pose a risk to the patient; they are effective, meaning that the ventilation therapy is beneficial to the patient; and they are economical, as ventilation therapy can be terminated very quickly.

Dr. Adrian Wäckerlin
Head of ICU
Grisons Cantonal Hospital, Chur, Switzerland

Grisons Cantonal Hospital, Chur, Switzerland
Grisons Cantonal Hospital is the primary hospital of South East Switzerland and the biggest public employer in Grisons. Chur Hospital provides a comprehensive range of modern medical and surgical care in 33 fields including cancer treatment, cardiovascular surgery, and a Women’s Hospital.


Key facts

  • Founded in: 1912
  • Total number of beds: 351
  • Number of ICU beds: 11
  • ICU staff number: 52
  • Hamilton Medical ventilators in use: 7 HAMILTON-S1, 1 HAMILTON-MR1, 2 HAMILTON-T1, 5 HAMILTON-G5
  • Patient groups: adult, pediatric, neonatal