Transpulmonary pressure measurement for severe patients.

For the most severe patients, we like to add transpulmonary pressure measurement. It’s not so complicated to use. In my unit, even Fellows use it. It allows us to partition between the lung pressure and the chest wall components. This is very important for titrating the recruitment maneuver, and to set PEEP and tidal volume properly so that we ventilate the patient without injuring the lung.

Dr. Jean-Michel Arnal
Senior Intensivist
Intercommunal Hospital, Var Departement, France

Toulon Hospital, France
Toulon Intercommunal Hospital is a 700-bed general hospital for a community of 500,000 and the largest hospital in this region. The critical care department has 16 ICU beds and 8 step-down unit beds and serves over 1,900 patients every year: 60% medical, 25% surgical, and 15% trauma treatments. The ICU employs 8 senior physicians, 4 resident physician, 52 nurses, 24 assistant nurses, 2 head nurses, and 2 respiratory therapists.

Key facts

  • Founded in: 1988
  • Total number of beds: 700
  • Number of ICU beds: 24
  • ICU staff number: 88
  • HM ventilators in use: 17 HAMILTON-S1
  • Patient groups: adult