We don't have to intubate certain babies just for transport

To be able to use nCPAP with the HAMILTON-T1 is a huge advantage for us. We no longer have to intubate certain babies just for transport.

Trisha Degoyer
Life Flight Neonatal RN
Intermountain Life Flight, Salt Lake City (UT), US

Intermountain Life Flight, Salt Lake City, United States

Intermountain Life Flight provides air transport services to hospitals and EMS agencies in the Intermountain West. With medical teams that include adult, pediatric, neonatal, and respiratory specialists, Life Flight delivers patient care using the safest, quickest, and most appropriate means of transport by helicopter, fixed wing, or ground ambulance. The medical crews are specially trained in search, rescue, and hoist operations, providing an invaluable resource for public safety, fire, EMS and law enforcement agencies.


Key facts

  • Founded in: 1978
  • Number of employees: 217
  • Aircraft fleet: 7 helicopters, 3 fixed-wing aircrafts
  • Number of helicopter bases: 7
  • Hamilton Medical vents in use: 12 HAMILTON-T1
  • Patient groups: adult, pediatric, neonatal