We use the P/V Tool for almost all ventilator patients.

We use the P/V Tool to determine initial PEEP settings on almost all ventilator patients once they have been sedated for the intubation. We also use the recruitment portion of the P/V Tool a lot, particularly for patients who are having repeated atelectasis.

Ken Hargett
Director Respiratory Care
Methodist Hospital, Houston (TX), USA

Houston Methodist Hospital, Texas, USA
Houston Methodist Hospital is the flagship hospital of Houston Methodist and one of the most comprehensive teaching hospitals in the United States, with leading specialists in every field of medicine. The hospital has earned worldwide recognition in multiple specialties including cardiovascular surgery, cancer, epilepsy treatment, and organ transplantation.


Key facts

  • Founded in: 1919
  • Total number of beds: 1,119
  • Number of ICU beds: 24
  • ICU staff number: approx. 100
  • Hamilton Medical ventilators in use: 60 HAMILTON-G5, 26 HAMILTON-C2
  • Patient groups: adults