Recommended sizes for nCPAP interfaces

Author: Alexandra Gerlach, Reviewer: Ralph Teuber; Elmar Pätzold; Bernhard Schmitt

The table displayed here, which is included with all the relevant consumables sold, shows the various sizes of bonnets, prongs and masks, and the corresponding recommended head circumferences and weights.

It should be noted that this information is intended as a guideline only, and the size of the interface must always be selected according to the individual baby’s anatomy. For example, a baby that has been intubated before nCPAP may have larger nostrils and therefore require a much larger prong than would be expected. While this table may be used as a starting point for selecting the most suitable size, it cannot be guaranteed that a particular size will always fit a patient in the recommended weight range.

Video: nCPAP interface for neonates

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Date of Printing: 30.06.2022
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Date of Printing: 30.06.2022
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