Journal Club: Mechanical power and the reduction of VILI

Author: Marcia Correia Abreu dos Santos, Reviewer: Bernhard Schmitt

Mechanical power has become a hot topic in discussions about optimizing ventilator settings for critically ill patients.

Defined as the amount of energy transferred from the ventilator to the respiratory system within a given timeframe, mechanical power has been related to the degree of ventilator-induced lung injury. In our Journal Club review, we look at what contributes to mechanical power, how to quantify it at the bedside and its relevance for applying lung-protective ventilation. The discussion is based on the 2019 publication "Power to mechanical power to minimize ventilator-induced lung injury?". Click on the image to watch the video presentation.


Silva PL, Ball L, Rocco PRM, Pelosi P. Power to mechanical power to minimize ventilator-induced lung injury?. Intensive Care Med Exp. 2019;7(Suppl 1):38. Published 2019 Jul 25. doi:10.1186/s40635-019-0243-4

mechanical power, VILI, respiratory load, ventilator settings, lung-protective

Date of Printing: 21.04.2021
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