Journal Club: Atypical phenomena of COVID-19 induced ARDS

Author: Belal Mohammad Ahmad Al-Rajoub, Reviewer: Munir Karjaghli; Bernhard Schmitt

Many patients with COVID-19 induced ARDS are presenting with a combination of characteristics rarely seen in severe ARDS.

In addition, these patients might present quite differently from one another. Correct phenotyping is very important to ensure appropriate ventilatory support and individualized patient care is crucial. In this video presentation, we look at the characteristics of COVID-19 induced ARDS and how they differ, at phenotypes and the corresponding respiratory treatment, as well as the cardiovascular injuries induced by COVID-19. Click on the image to watch the presentation. 

COVID-19, covid-19 induced ARDS, phenotypes, characteristics, respiratory treatment

Date of Printing: 15.04.2021
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