Calculation of IBW in Hamilton Medical ventilators

Author: Kaouther Saihi, Thomas Laubscher, Reviewer: Bernhard Schmitt, Ralph Teuber

How is the ideal body weight (IBW) calculated in Hamilton Medical ventilators?

For adult and pediatric patients, Hamilton Medical ventilators use the sex and patient height to calculate the ideal body weight (IBW). There are two different formulae, depending on whether the patient is in the pediatric or adult patient group.


Our formula for the calculation of the IBW in children is based on the equation from Traub and Johnson [1]: IBW = 2.396*exp (0.01863*height).

  • Body height (BH) ≤ 70 cm: IBW = 0.125 x BH – 0.75
  • Body height > 70 but  ≤ 128: IBW = 0.0037 x BH^2 – 0.4018 x BH + 18.62


Our formula for the calculation of the IBW in adults is based on the equation from Knoben et al. [2], a variation of which in centimeters was used by Brower et al. [3].

  • IBW in males = 50 + 0.91 (centimeters of height - 152.4)
  • IBW in females = 45.5 + 0.91 (centimeters of height - 152.4)

Relevant software: HAMILTON-C6 SW v1.2.x; HAMILTON-C3 SW v2.0.x; HAMILTON-C1/T1/MR1 SW v2.2.x/3.0.x; HAMILTON-G5/S1 SW v2.8x


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Date of Printing: 30.06.2022
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