HAMILTON-BC8010 Infant Breathing Set is now available


To complement the flexibility of the HAMILTON-H900 humidifier, we have developed an infant breathing set specially designed for even the smallest patients.

The pre-mounted set can be used up to 28 days per patient and includes a temperature probe, water refill tube, Y-piece, and water chamber. The detachable, nonheated extension allows use in incubators. The set is specially designed for neonates and pediatric patients up to 15 kg. 

The HAMILTON-BC8010 at a glance

  • Free of extra cables and adapters
  • Wall-embedded heater wires
  • Integrated temperature probe
  • Adjustable temperature and humidity settings
  • Reduced condensation
  • Low compliance and flow resistance
  • For patients up to 15 kg

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Date of Printing: 30.06.2022
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