Hamilton Medical ventilators cast for a Polish television hospital drama


Three Hamilton Medical ventilators have been picked to take part in the recording of 70 episodes of the Polish television medical drama “Na dobre i na złe” ("For better and for worse").

Since beginning of 2014, the Polish television audience regularly sees our ventilators in the show which revolves around the lives of doctors and patients of a hospital in a small town near Warsaw. Currently in its 15th season and with almost 600 episodes, it is the longest-running primetime drama on Polish TV.

Three HAMILTON-C1, T1 and MR1 ventilators have been borrowed for the set after a recommendation of a film student who is – by chance – the daughter of our distribution partner in Poland. After 70 episodes, the feedback of the movie company is extremely positive. The crew likes the excellent presentation of the patient's lungs and the quiet turbine that is important for sound engineers and ease of use. The ability to quickly set alarms with large limits on the ventilators is also a plus point.

The TV appearance of Hamilton Medical ventilators is registered both by end-users and competitors and obviously increases the brand recognition of our company.

Date of Printing: 30.06.2022
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