Introducing the HAMILTON-C1 neo


Right on time for today’s World Prematurity Day, we are delighted to launch our first dedicated neonatal ventilator, the HAMILTON-C1 neo. This versatile neonatal ventilator combines invasive and noninvasive modes, with the additional options of nCPAP and high flow oxygen therapy.

The integrated turbine allows it to be operated independently of a compressed air supply. Due to its compact design, the HAMILTON-C1 neo is an ideal companion for your smallest patients in various environments such as delivery room, the intensive care unit and emergency ward, as well as during intrahospital transport.
The HAMILTON-C1 offers you:

  • State-of-the-art invasive ventilation modes
  • Synchronized noninvasive ventilation*
  • Demand-flow nCPAP modes and high flow oxygen therapy*
  • Leak compensation in every mode
  • Integrated high-performance turbine

The HAMILTON-C1 neo offers you the ultimate in space and cost efficiency without sacrificing on performance.

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*Optional, not available in all markets.

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