Introducing the HAMILTON-C6


With its latest device, Hamilton Medical ushers in the next generation of high-end ventilators for all patient populations.

Now available for immediate order, the HAMILTON-C6* combines modularity, mobility and ease of use with a range of advanced features. This allows clinicians to ensure individualized, lung-protective ventilation therapy for every one of their patients.

Just like its predecessors, the newest device from Hamilton Medical comes fully equipped  with a range of Intelligent Ventilation technologies. In addition to the advanced ventilation modes ASV® and INTELLiVENT®-ASV, the HAMILTON-C6 offers tools for lung assessment and recruitment maneuvers, continuous cuff pressure management, transpulmonary pressure measurement, state-of-the-art ventilation monitoring and an integrated humidifier control.

The HAMILTON-C6 features a high-performance turbine, which provides a class-leading peak flow of 260 liters per minute and carries a lifetime warranty. Together with the slimline, easy-to-maneuver trolley and a 3-hour battery life, this independent air supply means the HAMILTON-C6 can remain at the patient’s side even during transport within the hospital.

With this new ventilator, Hamilton Medical also introduces the brand-new technology IntelliSync+, which  was developed to avoid patient-ventilator asynchronies and their negative effects on patients. By continuously analyzing waveform shapes one hundred times per second or more, IntelliSync+ detects patient efforts and cycling immediately, and initiates inspiration and expiration in real-time. The technology can be used regardless of the ventilation mode and requires no additional hardware.

* Currently available in all CE-markets. Not yet available in the US.

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