The ABC of ventilation modes at Hamilton Medical College


Our latest e-learning module helps you navigate through the maze of different modes available on today's ventilators.

Ventilation modes are a hot topic in mechanical ventilation, but remain both puzzling and confusing. Our new e-learning module clearly explains the most important aspects of traditional/conventional and biphasic modes, such as definitions, classification, and indications. It also looks at the different controls available in each mode and provides bedside tips for mode selection.

This module is the fourth in the series of modules on the basics of mechanical ventilation and ventilators. In addition, we have recently updated the third module in this series, Essential variables and mechanical breath types.

Title Ventilation Modes ABC
Language English
Playing time 35 minutes
Test / certification Yes

E-learning platform FAQs

Based on your feedback, we have put together a set of tips and tricks for using the new e-learning platform (in operation since August, 2017). If you have a query about any of the platform's functions, please refer to these FAQs available on the homepage of Hamilton Medical College.

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Date of Printing: 30.06.2022
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