White paper on patient-ventilator synchrony and IntelliSync+


A new white paper focuses on the phenomenon of asynchrony and different management possibilities, including automatic real time waveform analysis and detection of the patient's respiratory activity with IntelliSync+.

Asynchronies are a frequent issue in ventilated patients and represent a failure to provide those patients with optimal assistance. This white paper discusses the pathophysiology and clinical relevance of asynchronies, as well as the use of waveform analysis to recognize them. Subsequently, the author looks at ways of optimizing patient-ventilator synchrony at the bedside and the use of new technologies. Of these, IntelliSync+ offers the unique ability to analyze the respiratory activity breath-by-breath and follow the small changes in the breathing pattern. Based on this information, it then works as a trigger to control opening and closing of the inspiratory valve according to the patient's effort.

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