New e-learning modules at Hamilton Medical College


With the latest modules on the HAMILTON-MR1, Hamilton Medical College now offers you a total of 23 free e-learning modules.

The MR-Conditional HAMILTON-MR1 is a fully featured ICU ventilator, which guarantees uncompromised continuous ventilation care from the ICU to the MRI scanner and back. The new e-learning on the HAMILTON-MR1 is divided into two parts: The first module takes you through all the basic features and functions of the ventilator, while the second module explains those aspects related specifically to its use in the MRI environment. The modules have a combined playing time of 57 minutes and offer a test with certification on successful completion. 


HAMILTON-MR1 ventilator (Part 1) 45 minutes English
HAMILTON-MR1: Use in MRI room (Part 2) 12 minutes English


For our French-speaking users, we are now pleased to offer French translations of the existing modules Adaptive Support Ventilation 2nd edition and Introduction to INTELLiVENT-ASV!

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Date of Printing: 30.06.2022
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