Results of our online survey on patient-ventilator asynchronies


Our online survey about how you handle patient-ventilator asynchronies is now closed and the winners have been drawn!

The majority of survey participants consider asynchronies to be either very critical or extremely critical for patient safety (66%) and patient comfort (77%). Waveform analysis is the most common method of monitoring and recognizing asynchronies (72% of participants), followed by electrical activity of the diaphragm (11%), and esophageal pressure (10%).

However, over 60% of participants find it difficult or challenging to recognize and treat asynchronies in adult and pediatric patients, with the lack of training (38%) or the lack of time (27%) being the main factors.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete our survey! A list of the winners has been published on our social media channels.

Survey results

Date of Printing: 21.04.2021
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