New study on lung-protective ventilation with INTELLiVENT-ASV


A new publication in Heart & Lung shows that the driving pressure and mechanical power delivered by the ventilation mode INTELLiVENT-ASV are within a safe range.

Driving pressure (DP) and mechanical power (MP) give clinicians an indication of how great the risk of ventilator induced lung injuries is for mechanically ventilated patients. This prospective observational study on 255 passive patients with a single-lung condition (normal, COPD or ARDS) investigated the amount of DP and MP delivered by the closed-loop ventilation mode INTELLiVENT-ASV. Default target settings were used and measurements made once on each patient. The median MP was 9.1, 11.8, and 8.8 j/min and the median DP was 8, 10, and 9 cmH2O for normal-lung, COPD, and ARDS patients, respectively.

These results show that both the DP and MP selected by INTELLiVENT-ASV were within ranges considered to be safe for lung-protective ventilation.

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Date of Printing: 17.06.2021
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