New hardware configurations for HAMILTON-C6


We are pleased to announce that several new mounting options are now available for the HAMILTON-C6.

The new components are:

  • 160060 Combined shelf mount solution
  • 10071827 VESA mount solution
  • 10071828 VESA mount adapter

The combined shelf mount is a new solution especially for the HAMILTON-C6, which allows all parts to be mounted on the one plate (see image left). The VESA mount solution (10071827) offers another configuration in addition to the Rail, Pole and Shelf mount solutions.

With the VESA mount solution, only the ventilator unit is shelf-mounted. The interaction panel has no swivel mount and can be attached to a VESA arm* by means of an adapter plate (10071828). The adapter plate is also available separately like the Rail, Pole or Handle mount options.

In addition, each HAMILTON-C6 produced after 28.08.2019 is supplied with new silicone sealing caps. These caps cover the inspiratory outlet and the Flow sensor, Pes, IntelliCuff and Pneumatic nebulizer ports to protect them from dust during transport. Furthermore, they can be used to seal specific ports that may not be used (e.g. if  you do not have an IntelliCuff).

* not supplied by Hamilton Medical

Download HAMILTON-C6 installation guide

Date of Printing: 03.07.2022
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