HAMILTON-C6 now available in the US!


Following recent FDA clearance, we are excited to offer our latest high-end device to our customers in the US.

The HAMILTON-C6 represents the new generation of intelligent ICU ventilators, combining modularity, mobility, and ease of use with a range of advanced features that allow you to tailor the ventilation therapy for each individual patient.

Just like its predecessors, the HAMILTON-C6 comes fully equipped with a range of Intelligent Ventilation technologies. In addition to the advanced ventilation mode ASV®, the HAMILTON-C6 offers tools for lung assessment and recruitment maneuvers, continuous cuff pressure management, transpulmonary pressure measurement, state-of-the-art ventilation monitoring, and an integrated humidifier control.

Not to mention IntelliSync+, which keeps an eye on patient-ventilator synchrony by continuously analyzing waveform shapes hundreds of times per breath to identify signs of patient effort or relaxation, then initiating inspiration and expiration in real-time.

Follow the link below to read all about the HAMILTON-C6!

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Date of Printing: 17.04.2021
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