New bed docking system for HAMILTON-C6


We now offer a special bed docking system for use with the existing HAMILTON-C6 trolley!

With the HAMILTON-C6 trolley connected directly to the patient bed, you can maneuver bed and ventilator single-handedly. Simply push or pull on either one to move both simultaneously. The new docking system: 

  • Takes up minimal space between the bed and trolley due to top-down clamping
  • Has extendable docking arms for adjustment to different bed heights while docked
  • Is designed for easy storage when not in use

Contact your Hamilton Medical representative to find out more!

And to see the full range of transport and storage solutions for all Hamilton Medical ventilators, you can download the brochures below. These show you all the uses, features, and ordering information at one quick glance!




Date of Printing: 03.07.2022
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