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Take a front-row seat for live interviews with clinical experts about high flow oxygen therapy!

Six events. Five experts. Four months.

Experts On Air is our new educational format with series of live Zoom events on different aspects of a central topic. Each event features a presentation by the speaker followed by questions asked by the interviewer. In our first series, five international experts will discuss various aspects of treating patients with high flow oxygen therapy. They will look at some of the challenges you might face and offer their tips and tricks for best practice to improve patient outcomes. You can submit your questions as you sign up, or ask them during the event.

Follow the link below to see detailed information on each event and sign up for the topics that most interest you.

Details and registration

February 10, 15:00 (CET)
Right patient, right treatment, right time? How to use HFOT guidelines (Sharon Einav, Tommaso Mauri) 

February 24, 15:00 (CET)
How to optimize HFOT settings - Input from physiological studies (Tommaso Mauri, Jens Bräunlich) 

March 17,  15:00 (CET) - NEW DATE!
How to monitor patients during nasal HFOT (Oriol Roca, Sharon Einav)

March  31, 15:00 (CET)
Intubation in hypoxemic respiratory failure. Does time matter? (Jean-Damien Ricard, Tommaso Mauri) 

April 14, 15:00 (CET)
HFOT in hypercapnic exacerbation of COPD (Jens Bräunlich, Tommaso Mauri)

May 5, 15:00 (CET)
HFOT outside of critical care (Jean-Damien Ricard, Oriol Roca) 

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