New software for HAMILTON-G5/S1


Discover the exciting new features of software v2.90 for your HAMILTON-G5/S1 ventilators!

The all new software v2.90 for the HAMILTON-G5/S1* includes the following changes:

  • Two new buttons for Assessment and Recruitment in the P/V Tool® Pro settings and improvements to default values
  • Changes to INTELLiVENT®-ASV®* default values and alarm priorities
  • Esophageal pressure waveform and monitoring in HiFlowO2
  • Expiratory trigger sensitivity can be set Off in noninvasive ventilation for all patient groups
  • Change to synchronization windows
  • Change to volume limitation (V limit) in neonatal mode**
  • Improved flow sensor calibration guide for all patient groups
  • Improved preoperational checks
  • Control names changed to ΔPcontrol, ΔPsupport, and ΔPinsp​
  • Operator's Manual accessible during ventilation via scanable QR code
  • Possible to enable nebulization during standby

This software update is available for all HAMILTON-G5/S1 ventilators, but will not be available immediately for all markets (depending on the country registration)***.​ For more information on this and other improvements, please refer to the latest HAMILTON-G5/S1 Operator’s Manual below or contact your local representative for Hamilton Medical products.

HAMILTON-G5/S1 SW v2.90 operator's manual 

*Not all features or ventilators available in all markets

**Not all changes available in all markets 

***Not yet available for Japan or China

Date of Printing: 28.09.2022
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