Flexible financing solutions


  • Frees working capital
  • Overcomes budget limitations
  • Keeps your equipment up to date
  • Allows flexible time frames
  • Gives option of ownership after term is done

Capital lease or rent to own (24 - 60 months)

A simple financing option where you receive brand new equipment from Hamilton Medical by utilizing your capital budget. 

You own the equipment at the end of term. Simple documentation with an affordable payment.


Operating lease (12 - 60 months)

Low payment option with funds coming from your operating budget and you receive brand new equipment.

End of term options include: purchase for fair market value, extend the lease, or return the equipment to Med One. Simple documentation.

Equity rental (6 - 12 months)

A simple agreement providing you leverage until budgets are allocated. You just issue a rental PO to Med One, and receive brand new equipment and 50% equity with each payment.

After the initial terms you can continue renting, apply the earned equity and purchase the equipment, or return it to MED ONE.

Other custom solutions

If you need something even more specialized, choose either the 12-month renewable option, deferred payment, step up, or seasonal payments.

We can be flexible to meet your needs.

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