New NIV mask portfolio


Exclusively for the US market, Hamilton Medical is now offering a range of easy-fit NIV masks from Pulmodyne§ for adult patients.

Simple to use and comfortable to wear, the range of single-use masks includes the BiTrac§ NIV full face mask and MaxShield§ mask with a standard elbow for ventilator application, or an anti-asphyxia elbow for bilevel or CPAP. The BiTrac NIV nasal mask with standard elbow is suitable for all applications.

Both the BiTrac full face and NIV nasal mask feature the OmniClip§, which allows you to adjust the forehead pad in and out, or up and down, for a comfortable fit. OmniClip also lets you swing the mask up and off the face for delivering water, food, or prescribed medication to a patient.

Our new portfolio also includes BiTrac NIV circuits with 72” tubing, a swivel connector and exhalation port, cap plug and optional filter. The NIV full face and nasal masks are available in four sizes (S, M, L, XL) and the MaxShield masks in three (S, L, XL). For more information click on the link below or browse our e-catalog.

NIV masks



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