Hamilton Medical technology at the ECCC in Dubai

05 - 07.04.2018, Dubai, UAE

At the upcoming Emirates Critical Care Conference, Friday's lunchtime workshop will focus on patient-ventilator synchrony.

Professor Francesco Mojoli will discuss the clinical relevance of asynchronies and how to recognize them, as well as look at different ways of improving the interaction between the patient and ventilator. Our partner MDC Care Medical Trading will present a range of Hamilton Medical ventilators and accessories, including the new HAMILTON-C6! This high-end device features IntelliSync+, the latest technology for real-time waveform analysis and continous monitoring of the patient's respiratory activity. The team from MDC Care and Hamilton Medical looks forward to seeing you there!


14th Emirates Critical Care Conference
5–7 April, 2018
Event Center, Dubai Festival City, UAE
Booth no.: 31

Workshop: Optimizing patient-ventilator interaction
6 April, 2018
14:00 - 16:00
Barsha Hall

Conference website


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