Flow sensors

  • Direct flow and pressure measurement proximal to the patient
  • Specially developed and approved for use with Hamilton Medical ventilators
  • Reduced risk of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) due to single patient use

Every consumable is vital

Since 1983, the proximal flow sensor has been the centerpiece of all Hamilton Medical ventilators. It provides you with valuable data from the airway opening, and the whole ventilation process depends on these measurements and their accuracy. Precise volume, flow, and pressure data allow for better assessment of the patient’s lung condition. We offer single-use and autoclavable flow sensors for adult, pediatric and neonatal applications.

Proximal flow sensor measurement

Hamilton Medical ventilators measure flow and pressure close to the patient's airway. Studies have shown that tidal volumes for ventilated patients should be determined with a flow sensor placed at the endotracheal tube.1) Physically, the flow sensor is a thin membrane within a plastic housing. 

Robert Lopez

Director of Respiratory Care

University Medical Center, Lubbok (TX), USA

Our physicians are very impressed with the disposable flow sensor, because there is no concern about cross contamination. They are single patient use and we don't have to worry about them being used again on another patient.


Flow sensors


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By: Sandra L. Miller, Product Manager, Hamilton Medical AG<br/>Marc Wysocki, MD, Head of Medical Research, Hamilton Medical AG

Flow sensors

Tidal volumes for ventilated patients should be determined at the endotracheal tube

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Flow sensors

Autoclavable flow sensor reprocessing guide adult/pediatric

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Every consumable is vital

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1) Cannon ML, Cornell J, Tripp-Hamel DS, et al. Tidal volumes for ventilated infants should be determined with a pneumotachometer placed at the endotracheal tube. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2000 Dec;162(6):2109-12.

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