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HAMILTON-H900. Advanced humidification

HAMILTON-H900 - Advanced humidification HAMILTON-H900 - Advanced humidification

Humidification for all your patients. Whether neonatal, pediatric, or adult

Our HAMILTON-H900 humidifier provides active humidification for adult, pediatric, and even your smallest patients. We offer a special heated breathing circuit set with a detachable, unheated extension for use with incubators.

Heater wires integrated directly into the circuit wall

Wall-heated breathing circuits. For even heat distribution

HAMILTON-H900 breathing circuit sets have the heater wires integrated directly into the circuit wall. This eliminates the cold interface between the heated breathing gas and ambient temperatures.

Consistent heating of the gas pathway to the patient helps maintain a set temperature level and thus optimize the patient's physiologic condition.

HAMILTON-H900; setting the chamber exit temperature

It’s your choice. Manual adjustments or default settings

You can set the chamber exit temperature and gradient manually, or use our auto mode with default settings for each therapy.


All there at a glance. Ergonomic and intuitive user interface

All the information such as settings and related monitoring values is visible on the main display. There's no need to search through menus.

All the temperature settings are easily accessible as well. 

Sandra Rupp

Customer voices

With the HAMILTON-H900, I can choose the temperature in the tubes and adjust the setting manually on the device or ventilator based on the patient needs.

Sandra Rupp

Head of ICU Nursing Department
Grisons Cantonal Hospital, Chur, Switzerland

Hamilton Medical ventilators Hamilton Medical ventilators

Plays nicely with friends. Ventilator compatibility

The HAMILTON-H900 is the perfect companion for Hamilton Medical ventilators.

The humidifier remote access enables you to access and manage the HAMILTON-H900 controls and alarms over the ventilator display. In this video we will show you how to use the HAMILTON-H900 humidifier remote access on the HAMILTON-G5 ventilator. It works the same way on any other compatible Hamilton Medical ventilator. 00:11 Introduction Humidifier Remote Access 00:51 Setup and access 01:21 Setting changes 01:52 Alarms 02:17 Event log 02:35 Disclaimer For more information on the HAMILTON-H900 humidifier visit: www.hamilton-h900.com For more information on the HAMILTON-G5 visit: www.hamilton-g5.com

Remote access. Humidifier controls and status

With the ventilator connectivity option, you can control the humidifier from your Hamilton Medical ventilator. The humidifier operates in the background and you can focus more on your patients.

All the controls, monitoring parameters, and alarms are available, and you can set them as needed on the ventilator’s display.

Humidifier monitoring is also fully integrated into patient data management systems.

When used with a compatible ventilator, the humidifier can automatically select the humidification mode (invasive, noninvasive, or high flow nasal cannula therapy) based on the selected ventilation or therapy mode.

The basics of high flow nasal cannula therapy e-book

Free e-book

The basics of high flow nasal cannula therapy

Our e-book on high flow nasal cannula therapy gives you an overview of the working principles and clinical benefits, as well as practical information about choosing the right interface, adjusting the settings, and monitoring your patients.

Our HAMILTON-H900 consumables

We offer Hamilton Medical consumables for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients. You can choose between reusable and single-use products, depending on your institutional policies.